Het alfabet van A tot Z (grijs)

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Discover the essence of timeless elegance and effortless style with this 'Het alfabet van A tot Z (grijs)' poster, a must-have addition to elevate any home or office with its chic allure and univeral appeal!

Size: A3: 30 x 40 cm
Poster sizes

A4: 21x30 cm, A3: 30x40 cm, and B2: 50x70 cm?

What do these numbers really mean, and how can you visualize them in relation to your wall, furniture, or even your own body? Fear not, as we demystify these poster sizes and their American counterparts.

European size  US counterpart*
A4: 21x30 cm 8.5 x 11 "
A3: 30x40 cm 11 x 17 "
B2: 50x70 cm 17 x 22 " (US ANSI B)

Our posters are printed to European sizing standards, so please note that the corresponding American counterparts' sizing may differ slightly from the indicated numbers.

21x30 cm (A4): Imagine holding a piece of standard printer paper—it's about the same size. This compact poster is perfect for adding a touch of art to small spaces or creating a gallery wall with multiple pieces. It's akin to the dimensions of a novel, fitting seamlessly on a bookshelf or nestled between your favorite books.

30x40 cm (A3): This one is like the big brother of the A4, offering more visual impact while remaining manageable. Think of it as a large notebook or a piece of art that can take center stage on a smaller wall. It's the sweet spot for those who want their artwork to be noticed without overwhelming the room.

50x70 cm (B2): The grandeur of posters. It's the size of a movie poster, demanding attention and turning your wall into a true focal point. It's also a fantastic choice for showcasing intricate details in artwork or photography. It's a conversation starter, no doubt.

Please take note of the regular bottle of beer for scale!

Different aspect ratios

Even though the content of our posters is the same, the way it looks on different sizes may vary. This is because our poster sizes have different proportions. To make sure each poster looks its best and show up neatly combined with every design, we add a 1 cm border around all of them. So, while the pictures and text are the same, their arrangement on the poster might change a bit depending on the size you choose. Our default renders always show pictures in the B2 size.

Custom digital proof

If you're unsure how your design will look on various poster sizes, feel free to reach out to us through our regular contact channels, and we'll gladly provide you with a digital proof in advance.


All posters are printed on demand.

Geleverd in 5-8 werkdagen

Wij produceren en leveren je posters op bestelling in 5 tot 8 werkdagen na plaatsing zorgeloos bij jou aan de deur.

Op maat gemaakt in Nederland

Wij behandelen elke stap met zorg en aandacht, en produceren educatieve posters standaard in Nederland.

Goedkoop in hoge oplage

Posters zijn duur, tenzij je deze in bulk bestelt. Bijvoorbeeld voor de hele klas. Vraag naar de mogelijheden.